Due to IMPORTCARGO’s freight volume IMPORTCARGO, we can offer our clients a regular consolidated service to the main airports in the world, as well as a amplia capacidad de reserva de espacio aéreo with the main companies in the sector.

IMPORTCARGO controls both exports and imports from the point of origin to the final destination of the merchandise; being able to offer a exhaustive control over the entire process that the logistics chain of export/import of goods entails.

These chain processes allow us to offer our clients and potential customers a quality service combined with a competitive market price within the freight sector.


IMPORTCARGO has developed, since the beginning of the maritime department, an excellent relationship with the principales compañías navieras that operate in the world; which has allowed us to obtain rates and space reservations that place us as an option to take into account for any exporting and/or importing firm.

Our company is in a position to offer services of full containers (20', 40' refrigerated, platforms, etc...) as well as groupage service to the main ports in the world, managing to establish timely control of the merchandise at all times.

With all this, our maritime department established in each of the places, makes a great effort to coordinate shipping dates and/or alternative routes that result in better price quality for our customers.


IMPORTCARGO It has computerized dispatch via Edi, streamlining customs processes. Additionally, we have personnel in all customs offices to quickly handle all dispatches in the orange or red channel that require our physical presence at customs. Our customs department also advises importing clients by carrying out a tariff study, classifying their products and informing them of the taxes that their merchandise will pay upon entry into the country.


We have warehouses with all the security measures what customers demand and inventory control comprehensive. We offer our warehouses as consolidation points, we offer packing, picking and customs facilities services, D.A. DDA with the tax advantages that this entails.

Special projects

Since the creation of the department we have been growing and covering all types of servicios adicionales the usual container operations, having carried out projects for the disassembly of ships and transport to third countries, heavy machinery, oversized, etc. Gondola trucks, Bulk, Flexitank, Thermal insulators, packaging, etc...

In addition to our own network, we have a network of agents in the main
world squares, thus offering global coverage.